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Animated Leaflets & Video

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Animated Leaflets

Perfect for Facebook or Social Media advertising, we provide a simple animated slideshow in video format.

This can be a product showcase for an upcoming sale, or simply an informational leaflet to retain customer attention.

These work very well on Facebook, or on your own Youtube channel.  These mediums are a must nowadays, in order to drive web traffic.

The video file must be of a certain format, in order to be suitable for social media across the wide range of devices people use nowadays.

Example of an animated slideshow

We created a series of these to advertise a 3-day sale on Facebook & Youtube. We used teaser videos with no pricing initially (eg. video #1 below) followed by longer animated leaflets (eg. video #2) showing sale products. Our reach on Facebook, organic as well as paid for, was amazing and the sale was deemed a roaring success.

Advertising Videos

There’s not always the budget to go to big video design companies, but a lot can be achieved with the right computing skillset.  NIPC can provide a budget-friendly advertising video for your business, in a number of differing formats. Play these on in-store screens, on your website, on Facebook/Social Media, or on your Youtube channel, widening your client reach.

Video conversion & editing

Do you have a video, but can’t get it into the correct format? Finding your file is too large for Social Media?

We can help.

We’ll convert it to any format you need, clip it and add to it if required. If you want to pull a couple of videos together, or simply want a portion removed, we’ll sort that too.

Do you want music added? Or a narrator you have recorded? We can change the audio to whatever you require.

High quality conversion, we’ve many tools to enhance/edit, and we’ll return it to you via a simple but secure online link.

Drop us an email, we’ll be happy to help.