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Computer Speed-Up

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  • Is your computer running slow?
  • Is there a niggling popup you can’t get rid of?
  • Are you finding some advertising malware appearing?
  • Are you getting error messages on your PC screen?

A Remote PC Cleanup is now only £25.

We’ll remotely take charge of your computer, and we’ll perform a full system cleanup, leaving your machine running at top speed and removing all the additional things that may be slowing your computer down.


  1. Purchase a Cleanup, ensure you include a telephone number & let us know which time of days suits best for our call.
  2. We’ll contact you to arrange remote access to your PC.
  3. You simply download a small app from our website, entering the ID we give you, and we’ll take it from there.
  4. When we finish, we’ll remove any trace of our visit and reboot your PC.
  5. We’ll email you a report, detailing what exactly we found & providing any tips/suggestions we feel may be relevant.

What does a Remote Computer Cleanup include?

  • Full malware cleanup
  • Full system cleanup (registry, cookies, temporary files, etc)
  • Full hard drive scan/repair
  • Optimisation of startup items
  • Optimisation of Operating System for best performance balance.
  • Driver & application updates (Windows, Java, printer drivers, etc)
  • Optimisation of running applications & system resources
  • We’ll check your anti-virus software is up-to-date & set at the optimum settings.
  • Any popups/errors we come across, we’ll repair/remove.

Purchase here

Buy a Clean Up

Click above to purchase a Remote Computer Cleanup from NIPC.

Process breakdown

  • Purchase our Remote PC Cleanup
  • We telephone to arrange temporary access to your PC (at your preferred time)
  • We perform the Computer Cleanup (you can watch it all on your screen, if you wish).
  • When we are finished, we will reboot your PC. We usually schedule a hard drive check at this stage, so await Windows returning before use.
  • We’ll email you a brief job report, explaining what we did and anything we noticed.

Scam Warning

Beware telephone scammers who may call to offer you PC Support, many pretending to be representing Microsoft. Nobody legitimate operates in this fashion, do not let them access your PC.

If you are in doubt, take their telephone number, hang up & seek advice.


Buy a Remote Cleanup

Simply purchase a Remote Computer Cleanup from our website.


We contact you

We contact you at a convenient time to arrange access to your PC.


PC Cleanup Performed

When we complete, we’ll reboot your PC & email you a report.

Super job, thank you. I connected with your man & left him to it. When I went back, all those annoying popups were gone and my internet seemed faster.

Simple transaction and it suited me to have it done in the evening after work hours. I’ll use again, definitely.

Mike, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

That’s the 3rd computer you’ve cleaned in our office now and every one seems quicker than before. Mine was sending me nuts waiting on everything all day.

I’m more secure now too, which is probably just as well, with the malware I used to get. No doubt I’ll be in touch again soon.

Alison, Co Down

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