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Domain Names

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Your domain is the address that directs people to your website (eg,, the www name if you like (although the www itself has become almost obsolete nowadays).

It’s the name only, it has no actual website attached to it, until you make that happen. It is simply the name itself and it has to be registered, at a small recurring cost.

Once you have the domain name registered, you can purchase web hosting, and it’s here that your emails or web site are hosted.  Your domain name is simply ‘pointed’ to the relevant host computer.

Domain Registration

Domain registration is the process of registering (buying) your chosen domain, and most simply make use of a 3rd party Domain Registrar to provide this service.

We at NIPC are happy to register & renew your domain name on your behalf, but it’s not a bad idea to register your own, it’s a simple auto-renewing process.  Some clients prefer we handle this, alongside our Web Hosting service, so it’s really down to personal choice.

We recommend you seek a or .com extension for your domain, where possible, they are simplest and best value for money and most recognisable to readers. Many clients prefer to buy both, then simply point one to the other, when they decide which is to be their main web domain.

If you are struggling to choose a name, or are unsure which is best to choose, please contact us and we’ll help. Sometimes simple is best, but we can all avoid some fundamental errors if we’re better informed.

We recommend 123reg for Domain Name Registration, we use them ourselves, and find their service top notch.

Search for available Domain Names here…

Get your Domain

Register a domain

We recommend 123Reg for domain name registration. Simply click the picture above.

If you’d prefer we handle this for you, please get in touch.

Process breakdown

  • Register your new domain name
  • This will be registered for a period of 1-2 years
  • Set autorenewal to ON in 123Reg (on by default)
  • Your domain name will autorenew when required.
  • Next you require Web Hosting, a physical place for your web site or emails to reside.
  • Your web designer can arrange to have the domain name ‘pointed’ to your hosting package, if you’re unsure how to do this.


Choose your domain

Decide what your domain name is going to be, and check it is available.


Register your domain

Register your domain name, either via ourselves or the 123Reg link above.


Seek Web Hosting

For emails or web site, you’ll need a web hosting package of some sort.

Contact us for technical or sales support now