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Web Holding Pages

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A Holding Page, or a Coming Soon page, is a must when you initially purchase your domain name.

It’s essentially a soft launch of your website, while you build it.

It kicks you off with Search Engines and gives a tangible landing page for customers to find you, generating some initial interest as you get your website up & running.

It can be a simple image, with some contact details, or it can have a Contact Us page added, or some initial information for your client. It really is down to you.

We can provide a simple or a more elaborate solution, according to your needs.  Most people simply want a single page, with contact details. Some like a counter, counting down to launch. Whatever your preference, we’ll draft this up for you for a one-off fee of £100.

Example Holding Page

This Holding Page for Doagh Equestrian had a video running and a clear message offering mail order sales, whilst their website is developed. It collects email addresses, for a newsletter, and has a simple link to an active Facebook Page.

Purchase a Holding Page

Purchase a Holding Page

To order a Holding Page (one-off fee of £100), simply follow these 2 steps & we will set this up for you. Once we receive your details, we’ll contact you with a couple of ideas, to gauge what you like best.

Then we’ll draft your Holding Page & amend until you are happy.

Process breakdown

  • Purchase Holding site (£100).
  • Fill in details in our handy form.
  • We’ll contact you with a couple of ideas.
  • Once we gauge what you’d prefer, we’ll draft your page.
  • When you’re happy, we’ll make it live.


Purchase a Holding Page

Simply use the links above to purchase & give us a few details.


Gathering details

We’ll contact you with a couple of draft ideas, to gauge what you’d like best.


Your Page goes live

Once you’re happy, we’ll put your Holding Page up & make it live.

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