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Remote PC Support

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Remote IT Support – Computer Professionals at your Fingertips

The vast majority of computer problems can be fixed over the internet, remotely accessed by an IT professional.

Remote It Support is a cost-effective way of accessing professional IT help, at a time that suits you, only paying for work actually carried out.

Is your computer running slow?

Try our Remote Computer Cleanup, a simple solution. £25 one-off and your PC will perform better than ever before. Book now, to get your computer working as it should.

Viruses or malware/popups?

We can remotely access your PC, remove all the offending malware, tighten up your security, and leave you working freely again. All at a time of day/night that suits you, and without your input other than connecting us intially. You are free to watch, as everything we do is available on your screen.

Errors, driver issues, printer issues, security, backups, etc?

We can provide a multitude of tasks remotely, cutting out most on-site visits and removing callout fees or travel time.

Need some software installed?

We can do this remotely, ensuring it’s installed properly. We can help source solutions, should you have a specific need (eg PDF Reader, Video Player, Office software, Image Resizers, etc).

No Fix No Fee Guarantee – you only pay when your issue is resolved.

Only pay when we complete the work

Call us today, we’ll assess your problem for free & give you an idea how long it will take to repair. Should it sound agreeable, we’ll arrange a time/day that suits to carry out the work (or do it immediately, if that suits).

Once your repair is complete, we’ll email you an invoice for your repair, at the agreed price. Anything else we notice, or advice we feel is relevant, we’ll provide it for free too.

Remote PC Support

  • Computer Speed Up
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Software Installation/Repair
  • Backup Routines
  • Error Fixing & Operating System Repairs
  • Training & Assistance
  • WordPress/Blog Help

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