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Rent a Web Site

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For those who don’t want to tie up much needed start-up capital in a web site, we offer a simple solution.

Rent a Web Site (£250pa)

We will provide you with a web site, with a complete eCommerce solution if needed, tailored to your needs, and fully updateable by you for a single annual fee of £250pa (monthly payment option available).

This is a solution we can turn around for you within 1 week and we provide the following simple process:

  1. A simple questionnaire for you as the Site Manager to fill in, providing us with the required details to draft your site.
  2. A 1st draft web site, tailored to suit you, with all the functionality you require, within 3-5 working days of receipt of your questionnaire.
  3. Then we go live. Once you have agreed on the site design and we have made your required amendments, we then make it Search Engine Friendly and submit your site to the major Search Engines (Google, etc).
  4. We then provide a simple guide for you, as the site manager, to update the site yourself (whether that be amending pages, adding pages or blog posts, or keeping your online shop up to date).
  5. Up to 10 Email Accounts will be provided, just let us know what you need and we will set these up for you.
  6. We take care of everything, including your Domain Name, Hosting, Backing Up, Security Updates, etc, so all you have to do is get on with running your business.

We automatically renew your domains and hosting, and maintain your site to keep it online.

All of our sites are Search Engine Friendly, and we take extra care to ensure we have your correct keywords from the initial design stage. We also will provide you, as Site Manager, with some excellent information on how to improve your rankings online, and how to stay ahead of your competition.

We put our emphasis on ensuring your site is clean, modern looking, with very easy navigation and a simple Call To Action, to ensure you make the best use of visitors.


Are there any other costs, other than the annual fee?

No, the annual fee covers everything you will need to have your online presence. There is no limit on the number of pages you can have, the number of articles you can add, or the number of products you wish to have on your site. We take care of Domain Registration/Renewal, Web Hosting, Backups and Security Updates automatically, as a part of our service. We don’t have any
other hidden costs for you to worry about.

What control have I over the design?

We will ask pertinent questions in our initial questionnaire, to enable us to gauge some feeling of what you like/dislike and we take this into account when designing your site.

Obviously we cannot offer a full web design service, but we will certainly try to ensure you get a design we both agree on. Most of our websites are WordPress-based, so there’s a multitude of options available to customise.

We’ll provide a 1st draft of the site for you, and we’ll address every snag or change you highlight. Once we’re mutually agreed the site is ready, we can go live.

What if I want any changes through the year?

Nothing stays the same online for too long, and we accept changes happen.  If you have some changes which can be made simply, we’ll happily do these for free.  If it’s a large-scale amendment, there may be a small labour fee to cover.  We keep these to a minimum for contract customers.

Will I have access to Web Statistics, and Visitor Information?

Yes, we will provide full access to your Web Statistics, with a simple online login, providing a wealth of visitor information (normally Webalizer/AWStats at present).

What if we want to cancel half way through the year?

We have no problem with people cancelling early as we are well aware that modern business has to be flexible and adapt to whatever the market requires. We will happily permit you to leave a contract early, and refund on a pro rata basis for the remaining term of your contract (eg, if you leave after 6 months, we will refund 6 months of your service costs). There will, however, be a small charge levied, to cover domain name, etc, which are registered/renewed on an annual basis by ourselves. If you wish to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible, and we will provide you with full details.

If I decide to have a bespoke site designed elsewhere, can I take my Domain Name?

Certainly, we provide the domain name as part of our package, but we register it on your behalf. We keep it on our registrar package to save you the admin headache, and to avoid all the scammers who tend to target unsuspecting domain owners.

We will transfer the Domain Name to you when you are ready, and it will simply cost you the price of the transfer charge levied by your new domain provider (we use 123Reg and they tend to charge around £10 for this service, but most are similar). We have no cost involved.

Again, get in touch, and we will facilitate this for you and provide any advice you may need. Alternatively, if you have a Web Designer already in place, ask them to contact us, and we will arrange the transfer.

Will my costs change from year to year?

No, we will keep you on a fixed cost annually, currently at £250 per annum (slightly more for those paying monthly, but this is merely an additional administration charge).

Whatever you pay in the first year will be maintained for subsequent years.

If I move to a new Web Designer, can I take my design with me?

We will certainly help with any future needs you may have, regardless of where they are being taken care of. We cannot, for obvious reasons, just provide the full website and database backend (this is held in our full site-builder service, and as such is not totally stand-alone in terms of licensing or
front-end templating etc). We will, however, provide you with any banners, logos, images, etc that are on your current site, to aid in the designers task of building a new site.

We can arrange for the full site, if you wish, but there are some small costs involved. If you need this, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can advise.

Maintaining a Web Site

Many people mistakenly assume you get a web site designed, put it online & then forget about it except for the odd blog post or product change as and when the need arises.

There’s a little more to it than that. There are some basic housekeeping tasks that are required, in order to ensure you stay up to date and fully secure.

1. Domain name. Your domain name will need renewed annually, or every 2 years, according to how it has been registered.

2. Web hosting. You will pay for this monthly or annually, but it needs kept up to date as well as renewed.  For example, ensuring the PHP version running on your host is kept up to date.

3. Web site updates.  Apart from changes you request to your web site there are many backend updates which will need to be done periodically.  Security updates, new add-on versions, etc, all need to be installed.

4. Backups and maintenance.  Regular backups of your website files and database need to be kept.  Most reputable hosts take auto backups, but the onus is on you as the site owner to protect yourself.  A properly backed up website is simple to restore, should yours be corrupted, or hacked.

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