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Spreadsheet Design

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Not every small business has the resources to employ the technical know-how needed, but a great many could benefit from the automation of some mundane, repetitive, or even mission-critical tasks.

Spreadsheets are the lifeblood of a good back office, keeping easily-accessed, easily-manipulated collations of data and figures crucial to daily operations. From estimating to booking lists, spreadsheets have a simple solution.

  • Are you getting the most from your data?
  • Are you wasting time trying to handle increasingly complex spreadsheets?
  • Is there something you do every day, you simply wished you knew how to put onto the computer?

Let us help.

We routinely use Microsoft Excel, but happily proficient in the free OpenOffice Calc, or even Libre Office.

We’ll talk the situation through with you & produce a spreadsheet solution to automate the tasks at hand. Some simple adding through of worksheets, good use of forumla design & solid layout skills, ensure we’ll provide a useful solution.

  • Do you want a simple invoice template, which you can amend & resave? Give us your logo & let us design this for you.
  • Do you need something to automate your estimates? If you can give us the rules for it, we can make the spreadsheet automate it.

Benefits of using our spreadsheet design service

  • Free your time. When we’re applying our vast experience to your spreadsheet, you don’t have to.
  • Free your data. With a properly designed spreadsheet, using simple formula & a good layout, you can manipulate your data much easier and make it more printer-friendly.
  • User friendly. Most people can navigate their way around a spreadsheet, it’s the complicated formulas and getting the layout correct they spend time on. We do the difficult part, giving you an easily-navigated spreadsheet which you only have to add your data to.
  • Automation. The level of automation is entirely up to you, but we can make your spreadsheet an interactive affair. We can make it produce a PDF automatically, react to differing answers, link to active charts/graphs. Or we can simply ensure as many formula as possible remove the repetitive nature of data entry, so you’ve no more manual arithmetic to do.

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