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The all-important About Us page

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The all-important About Us page

The About Us page on your Web Site is a much overlooked necessity, which allows you to engage your audience, adding a little personality to you.

It is accepted nowadays that all Web Sites should have an About Us page, so don’t leave it to your Web Designer to write this for you. It’s your shopping window, you know what display works best.

A poorly designed About Us page will not only lose you the opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself to the reader, it can put a large proportion off, driving them away from your site.

Your About Us page is something you need to think carefully about, to ensure you portray yourself and your company in the correct fashion to your chosen target audience. This can be done very simply, or very cleverly, but it is crucial that your reader leaves this page with a more positive image of your company than when they arrived.

Tips for what your About Us page should include:

  • What is the purpose/mission of your company?
  • Why do you do whatever you do?
  • Who are the people/faces behind the company and what kind of people are they?
  • What sets you apart from all the others out there in the same field?
  • List any awards, accreditations, experience, facts and history that may interest your reader.
  • What message would you like to leave your reader?

When you begin to describe your company in these terms, you will inevitably feel that you are maybe bragging a little, but this is natural, you need to be bragging just a bit. You have to find that balance between bragging and informing your reader of your qualities, in order to build the trust they need to make a positive purchasing decision.

There are some really unique About Us pages to be found, but our advice is to read around similar companies to yourself and see which you prefer, keeping in mind what we’ve told you here.

Keep it simple initially, you can always build on this later. It’s probably best if you follow the accepted rules, and use your About Us page to instil your own personality, giving you credibility in the readers view.

It is important, if your About Us page is too detailed, to split your content into clear sections, to allow the reader to quickly scan to the areas which interest them most. If you simply write a long-winded About Us page and leave it alone in the future, you will have wasted an opportunity to engage with some more potential customers. If, and when, something of note changes about your company, ensure you update your About Us page to keep it current.

So, to re-iterate, when writing your About Us page:

  • Don’t let your Web Designer write your About Us page (unless a copywriter too), write your own.
  • Don’t make it too long, or definitely too short, get the message across in readable chunks.
  • Ensure it describes your company, your staff, your strengths, experience and personality.
  • Don’t waste time regurgitating the Home Page content, use the About Us to
    personalise and complement it.
  • Ensure any accreditations, awards, history, achievements, etc are listed – these give you credibility and add a little prestige.
  • If you are selling a product, tell the reader why they should choose you over your competition.
  • Don’t hide the link to your About Us page, make it prominent on your Home Page.
  • Keep it up to date, don’t write and forget about it.